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Our full suite of solutions built from our knowledge and expertise in numerous vertcials across globally diverse markets is what truly sets up apart. Whether you need a Sales Xpert Audit, an interim or part time Sales Director, sales training and on going coaching, a revised 'go to market strategy' or a critical appraisal of your sales systems and processes, we can help.

Rioja is a really likeable business. They are great relationship builders for business development in new markets; I worked alongside them in our parallel business development activities for the uses of new technology in the transportation industry. 

They have that rare skill of being able to quickly understand the complex and diverse issues involved in getting a new technology or service to market and can also take what is still in, or just come out of the R&D phase and present it to the market in a robust and clear way; they certainly helped me to understand the value of simulation to develop testing procedures for "black box" products. 

I'm very happy to recommend Rioja- they are a great partner to work with"

David Pickavance, Business Operations and Improvement Consultant

Roger at Rioja is a great person to work with - dedicated, sharp and astute, hard working, bright, a fast learner and extremely capable. He has that rare quality - the ability to not only listen properly, but also act efficiently and quickly upon what he's heard. On top of all this, he's a fun person to work with, runs a great team and is approachable, thoughtful, warmhearted and generous. Anyone working with him, either as a colleague or as a business associate, can count themselves lucky"

Tessa Darley, KTN Knowledge Transfer Manager

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