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My name is Roger Wilson and I'm the founder of Rioja Consulting, a specialist consultancy business providing services to Managing Directors and business owners with the primary objective of optimising sales and marketing performance to create a stronger business.
Roger Wilson, Sales & Marketing Director and Founder of Rioja Consulting Limited
 'Your vision plus your inspiration combined with our expertise and passion WILL bring success and growth to your business'

Roger has a background in International Sales and Marketing and has completed successful assignments across multiple sectors including technology, financial services, consultancy, healthcare and event management; working with both private and public sector businesses of all sizes from new start to global corporations. Whether B2B, B2C, B2B via C or B2C via Intermediary, he has extensive experience of developing and implementing successful strategies and tactics.

A Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, Roger has an MBA from Cranfield University and a track record of delivering improved results no matter the sector or the market. He is a particular expert in international business development and has worked with businesses from or trading with most major international markets.

Roger is a passionate fan of cricket and a Non Executive Director for Northants Cricket, his local county, where he lives with his two children Ollie and Emily.


What's in a name?

People often ask us why the business is called Rioja. We could say that, rather like a certain Spainish red wine, we have matured into a strong and popular brand, enjoyed by all and starting to get real acclaim in a market place where quality and price are closely linked....however that could be viewed as a little too pretentious not to mention corny!


The name of the business was actually created by Roger's son Ollie when he was 10 years old, who on seeing a bottle of red wine on the dinner table one evening, spotted that the spelling of Rioja was an anagram of Roger's and Oliver's initials...Roger Ian and Oliver James Adam!




“We're a small and growing consultancy with a track record of success and a network of industry experts. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realise them! So what are you waiting for, let's meet" 

Roger Wilson, Founder, Rioja Consulting Limited

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