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  • Roger Wilson

Want to improve your sales?

The word 'audit' can strike fear into the heart of almost any person or organisation, conjuring up images of an officious person delving into the inner most recesses of your business looking for evidence of malpractive, mistakes and other such 'stuff'.

However, I'm here to tell you that thre is an audit with a difference - one which is designed to discover opportunity rather than uncover problems.

Step forward the SALES AUDIT...

A SALES AUDIT can help you answer two very important questions about your business:

1. What can we do to improve our SALES PERFORMANCE?

2. How can we improve our SALES & MARKETING ROI?

For many organisations a SALES AUDIT is the start point of getting to grips with improved sales performance and efficiency - it will help business owners or senior management understand not only what they need to do but also how they need to do it.

The start point in any audit is a diagnostic check - sounds complicated but in reality it involves a critical appraisal of the core 'sales' components of your business following (in the case of Rioja Consulting Limited) a blueprinted process. Thereafter, each of these core aspects are analysed further to delve into apparent areas which may represent both low hanging fruit as well as some of the tastier fruit near.

The by product of a SALES AUDIT is a report which makes a series of recommendations to you on how you can improve your SALES PERFORMANCE & EFFICIENCY.

Taking things a step further, we can also look at running a workshop; focusing on those key areas we've highlighted or indeed working with you to develop and implement solutions. We will even guarantee the results!

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